General Manager @ AIxDESIGN
General Manager @ AIxDESIGN

General Manager @ AIxDESIGN

Community Building
Program Management


Strategy · Program management · Tools · Community Building · Writing


AIxDesign (AIxD) is a global community of designers, creative technologists, and activists using AI in pursuit of creativity, justice and joy. Since 2022 I’ve served as General Manager:
→ built program management stack (Notion, Slack) to help the community and its program leads design, organise and publish research programs, tools, and published works;
→ co-authored 2022–2024 funding and grant applications
→ co-authored AIxDesign positioning and program strategy
→ Program management for all AIxD 2022 Programs:
  1. AI Playground
  1. Mapping AIxDesign;
  1. Everyday data (h)activism


Managing (read: shepherding) a decentralised, volunteer-run community organisation is hard. Publishing consistently good content from that group is even harder.
notion image
notion image


→ Community growth of 50% across channels with 7000 members
→ Projected on-time and on-budget delivery of 2022 Programs. Outputs include:
  • 15 online-hosted talks and workshops (see Youtube) with 400+ attendees from 28 countries
  • AIxDesign’s Guide to body-based AI tools; coming Oct 2022
  • AIxDesign’s Guide to data (h)activism; coming Dec 2023
  • AIxDesign’s Guide to Experimenting with AI; coming Dec 2023
  • AIxDesign’s Guide to AI-generated sounds; coming Jan 2023
  • Report: The Landscape of AIxDesign; coming Mar 2023


It's rare to find people you sync so effortlessly with that your output and energy increase three-fold. For me, Ploi is one of those people. I worked with Ploi as a colleague on clients projects, and on a day-to-day basis for AIxDesign. 11/10 would recommend.
— Nadia, founder of AIxDesign, Head of Creative Technology, DEPT