I’m Ploipailin
I’m Ploipailin

I’m Ploipailin

I’m a researcher, strategist, and community organiser helping teams build radically equitable AI and anti-racist futures.



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a global community of designers, creative technologists, and activists using AI in pursuit of our shared justice and joy.
This project explores how image-makers can remix and re-use digital heritage collections to make better images of AI.
Project Lead, Slow AI →
Inspired by the counter-movements of slow fashion and slow food, this project will investigate three emerging AI counter-narratives – Small AI 🐜, Ancestral AI 🐚, and Esoteric AI 🔮 – and explore what it might look like to incorporate them in our everyday practice. We will interrogate and publish critical AI discourse in a format that makes sense to us and our practices, namely zines and creative technology installations, and at project end we will publish an anthology – a hot compost pile of miro boards, zines, and art that we hope sparks new ways to think and talk about AI.

Areas of interest
/ applied AI research: How can we use AI for the benefit of people and communities?
/ researching the intersectional impacts of Big Tech, AI, capitalism;
/ translating abstract principles into tangible products & services;
/ the relationship between revenue models and discriminatory algorithmic outcomes;
/ antiracist + decolonial futures
Teams I’ve worked with
Where I’ve spoken
  • Host – AIxDesign Conversations
  • Working Group co-Lead, Labour of Care, NEW INC.
  • Associate Lecturer – Central St Martins, Graphic Design (BA, MA)
Bio – last updated Oct 22 📥



11/10 would recommend
founder of AIxDesign
founder of The Akin


research: desk research; stakeholder interviews; expert interviews; participatory workshops (in-person and online)
strategy: big data & AI product strategy; business strategy
communication: written & verbal. confident and approachable
→ applying antiracist approaches (ANTI) to the above ^^
→ translating complex ideas into understandable, and actionable chunks
→ navigating trade-offs between theory and practice
→ multi-stakeholder project management




If you want to work together, shoot me an email.


Find me on the internet here ^^
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